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I’ve written and produced multiple documentaries and TV shows about the people and businesses impacting their communities across Africa. 

  • The Entrepreneurs Inspiring Innovation In Africa (CNN)

  • He Helps Nigerian Kids Turn Chess Moves Into Scholarships (CNN)

  • Designed In Africa (CNN)

  • Meet The Creatives Elevating Africa's Film Industry (CNN)

  • Meet The Women Fighting Climate Change In Nigeria (CNN)

  • African Environmental Activists Innovating to Help Their Communities (CNN)

  • How Tech Is Disrupting Nigeria’s Healthcare Industry (CNN)

  • Empowering The Next Generation of African Creatives (CNN)

  • Reaching For The Highest Point In Nigeria (CNN)

  • Nigeria’s Unsung Football Mavins (CNN)

  • Seeing Opportunity In Nigeria’s Fitness Boom (CNN)

  • Ugandan Startups Saving Lives (CNN)

  • Nigerian Emerging Music Acts (CNN)

  • African Skateboarders Push The Youth To A Bright Future (CNN)

  • Boxing As A Means of Empowerment In Africa (CNN)

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