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I Like Girls

I’m the host and producer of “I Like Girls," a podcast close to my heart. Through captivating and narrative storytelling, the podcast documents the rich experiences of African women across the continent. Through a multitude of stories, spanning dozens of countries, it sheds light on the unexpected ways life impacts women of African descent.


“I Like Girls” currently has three seasons and has fearlessly explored a range of topics, including workplace discrimination, love, feminism, marriage, motherhood, mental illness, and more. Each episode offers a powerful glimpse into the lives of remarkable women and the challenges they overcome. 


“I Like Girls” also proudly holds a spot in the top 5 documentary podcasts on Apple Podcasts. 

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I Too Sabi 

I produce “I Too Sabi,” an engaging and conversational “ask me anything” podcast with a focus on Nigeria. This podcast is all about finding answers to all kinds of questions, whether they’re born out of curiosity - like the existence of ghosts - or delve into personal matters, such as finding love.


“I Too Sabi” currently has one season and has tackled topics like navigating infidelity in marriage, destigmatizing mental illness, and unraveling the complexities of finding love in a bustling city like Lagos.


On the podcast, the hosts go the extra mile to provide informative answers as well as invite expert guests to provide clarity on topics being covered.

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Catch recent episodes of I Too Sabi

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