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I'm a storyteller, feminist, and drinker of black tea. I’ve spent the past five years telling diverse stories across a variety of formats — radio, podcasts, essays, TV shows and documentaries.  I previously worked as a multi-media producer with CNN International, where I scripted and produced captivating TV shows such as 'African Voices Changemakers,' 'Inside Africa' and 'Marketplace Africa.'


In that role, I wrote and published hundreds of stories spanning over 20 African countries - Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Namibia, Kenya, Sierra Leone, and more. I poured my heart into sharing tales of businesses, people, places and things across Africa.  In 2020, I won the Future Awards Africa Prize For Journalism for my multicultural approach to covering the continent. In the same year, I was recognized by Vogue as one of 50 Young Trailblazers Across The Globe. In June 2023, I was nominated for the 2023 One Young World Journalist Of The Year award.  

Now, my passion lies in helping individuals, brands and companies craft powerful stories that capture their values, captivate people and drive action. I’m all about collaboration, so, whether it’s an exciting project, a compelling story idea, or just a chance to connect over a cup of tea, I’m in. 


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