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I'm a storyteller, feminist, and drinker of black tea. I’ve spent the past seven years telling diverse stories across a variety of formats — radio, podcasts, newsletters, essays, film, TV shows and documentaries.  I previously worked as a multimedia producer with CNN International, where I scripted and produced TV shows such as 'African Voices Changemakers,' 'Inside Africa' and 'Marketplace Africa.'


In that role, I wrote and published hundreds of stories spanning over 20 African countries - Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Namibia, Kenya, Sierra Leone, and more. In 2020, I won the Future Awards Africa Prize For Journalism for my multicultural approach to covering the continent. In the same year, I was recognized by Vogue as one of 50 Young Trailblazers Across The Globe. In June 2023, I was nominated for the 2023 One Young World Journalist Of The Year award.

Right now, I am passionate about:

  • Creating content and telling stories in as many forms as possible.

  • Journalism and media production.

  • Utilizing content as a tool to build trust and bridge gaps.

  • Feminism and gender studies.

  • Developing systems and processes that enhance execution and efficiency within editorial teams. 

  • Collaborating with brands, individuals, and companies to convey stories that reflect their values and drive action.

I’m all about collaboration, so, whether it’s an exciting media project, a compelling story idea, or just a chance to connect over a cup of tea, I’m in. 

​Contact me:

  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram
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