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The full list of every thing I've written online can be found here. But I especially enjoyed writing these ones:

  • From Fintech To Football: Sporting Lagos Football Club (CNN)

  • Chess Coaches In Africa Are Building The Next Generation of Grandmasters (CNN)

  • Activists In Namibia Are Demanding Abortion Reform (CNN)

  • Freeing Nigeria's Unjustly Imprisoned (Mail and Guardian)

  • Sex For Marks: Nigeria's 'Mr Lecturer' Phenomenon (Stears)

  • Nigerians Want SARS Scrapped (Aljazeera English)

  • She Was Diagnosed With A Mental Illness. Now, She's Helping Others Work Through Theirs (CNN)

  • Can Health Tech Startups Solve Nigeria's Health Problems? (Stears)

  • He Almost Died Migrating To Europe. Now, He Is Warning Others About It (CNN)

  • The Lagos Motorbike Taxi Drivers Who Survived Boko Haram (Okay Africa)

  • Nigerian Factories Seek More State Support (Financial Times)

  • This Biker Took On A Men's World Of Motocross And Left Them In The Dust (CNN)

  • PortHarcourt: Wrapped In Soot (Stears)

  • Turning Coffee Into Art (CNN)

  • Nigeria's 'Drift Hunters' Are Putting Their Own Spin To This Sport (CNN)

  • This Nigerian Artist Wants You To Be Inspired By Black Women (CNN)

  • These Kids Are Creating Epic Short Films Using Their Phones, And Hollywood Is Paying Attention (CNN)

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