Selected writing

  • Why is it so strange to get married and keep my surname in 2021? (CNN, 2021)

  • These Nigerian kids are creating epic sci-fi short films using their phones, and Hollywood is paying attention (CNN, 2021)

  • Nigerians take to the streets in mass protests against controversial police unit accused of brutality (CNN, 2021)

  • Midwives face fears and new challenges as the coronavirus spreads in Africa (CNN, 2020)

  • He almost died migrating to Europe. Now he is warning other Gambians about it (CNN, 2020)

  • Abortion is legal in Namibia but only if a woman is in danger or has been sexually abused. Activists are demanding reform (CNN, 2020)

  • How China’s Boomplay beat Spotify and Apple Music to corner Africa’s streaming market (CNN, 2019)

  • Growing up intersex in a country where it is believed to be bad luck (CNN, 2019)

  • African female footballers face uphill battle to play a ‘man’s game’ (CNN, 2019)

  • This 15-year-old biker took on a men’s world of motocross and left them in the dust (CNN, 2019)

  • Sex for marks: Nigeria’s ‘Mr. Lecturer’ phenomenon (Stears Business, 2018)

  • Earthquakes, lung disease and dirt: what it feels like living in Kurata (Stears Business, 2018)

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