About Me.

I’m a multimedia storyteller based in Nigeria. I’ve worked in full-time and freelance journalism, using images, videos, text, and audio to report and tell diverse human interest stories in Africa.


My work has appeared in the Financial Times, Al Jazeera English, TRT World, and Okay Africa, where I covered thorny issues like alleged police brutality, sexual abuse, and surviving Boko Haram. 

I am currently a multi-platform producer with CNN International, where I produce TV shows such as Inside Africa, African Voices Changemakers, and Marketplace Africa out of Africa. 

I’ve covered stories in more than 20 African countries, including Namibia, Kenya, Ghana, South Africa, Egypt and Ethiopia. In 2020, I won the Future Awards Africa Prize in Journalism for my reporting. In the same year,  I was featured in Vogue as one of the 50 Young Trailblazers From Across the Globe. 

I am the co-founder of Twenty Seven Productions, a podcast production company that creates and publishes content for Africans all over the world. I also host and produce 'I Like Girls,' It’s a narrative storytelling podcast about African women and the unanticipated ways life impacts them for being women.

When I’m not working, you’ll most likely catch me in bed, watching comic-based movies and TV shows. 

Quick CV


CNN (Multi-platform producer)

I produce and write some of CNN’s sponsored TV shows that focus on the continent, including Marketplace Africa, Inside Africa, and African Voices Changemakers. I also research, investigate, and write feature and opinion stories about Africa.


Twenty Seven Productions (Co-founder, Head of Production)

I oversee the production of the shows on the network.

April 2018 - March 2019

Stears Business (Journalist)

I covered (mostly) human interest, business and development stories in Nigeria. I also engaged in email marketing (newsletters). Through electronic means, I promoted products/services, kept in touch with (potential) clients and communicated commercial messages to the Stears Business audience.